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Take time out to train your dog with Benefit

Our aim is for you to have a well behaved canine
companion and to encourage responsible dog ownership

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Benefit Dog Training was established in the year 2000. Our instructors (click here) have experience of training and working with various breeds of dogs over many years, having in-depth knowledge of puppy training, obedience competition, pet handling, behavioural problems, sheepdog work, rally & canine movement to music. Times & dates of classes can be found on our Application Form (click here to view) We use modern, kind, reward based methods. Training sessions are at our Stafford venue & we run six-week courses, with each class lasting for one hour. Benefit Dog Training has Young Kennel Club Status. We have Listed Status approval for the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme from Puppy through to Gold. We pride ourselves on providing a happy, safe and friendly environment to train your dog. We run our classes with excellent instructor / pupil ratios which help deliver the best possible results

Benefit is run by Chris and Dave Deakin who are both Kennel Club Accredited Instructors (KCAI - CD) with Chris and Dave having an advanced qualification for the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme. Six of the instructors at Benefit are Kennel Club Approved Examiners from Bronze to Gold level. All Kennel Club assessments at Benefit are carried out by Approved Examiners.

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Q: When can my dog start training?
A: From 10 weeks old after the first vaccination, with Vet’s recommendation. Ring Dave on 0178 578 0096 for further details.

Q: What do I need for my class?
A: You will also need to have your dog micro-chipped which became law in April 2016.

Q: Is my dog too old to take training.
A: We welcome dogs of any age, you can teach an old dog new tricks!

Q: Can any breed of dog be taught?
A: Yes, training requirements might vary from breed to breed but any dog can be taught good manners.

Q: How do I know which course to join?
A: Ring Dave on 01785 780096 and he will have a chat with you about your training requirements.

Q: What days do you train?
A: Monday evenings for Puppy & Level 1 and Thursday evening for Level 2 & 3. Rally training on a Friday evening during the spring/summer months outside.

Q: Where are you?
A: We train at the Staffordshire venue of Lovelace Close, Stafford. Click on our “how to find us” page for directions.

Q: Are the instructors qualified to teach dog training?
A: Dog training specific qualifications include Kennel Club Accredited Instructors and those working towards accreditation. British Institute Professional Dog Training Members & Kennel Club Approved Examiners. All assistant instructors and helpers have achieved or are working towards their KCGCDS Gold award.

Q: How big are the classes?
A: This varies but we try to work to a 3 dogs to 1 instructor ratio to give the best possible results.

Q: Are you insured?
A: We have dog training specific insurance cover in place.

Q: Do you have a Code of Conduct?
A: We work to the Kennel Club Code of Practice for Instructors, the Kennel Club Code of Practice for Listed Status Organisations and promote the standards and Code of Ethics of the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers.

Q: Do you have a Statement of Service?
A: Yes this is displayed during training sessions.

Q: How much and how long are the courses?
A: Puppy and Level 1 courses are 6 weeks and cost £60; Silver and Gold are divided into 3 sessions each during a course and cost £30. (see the Application Form for details)

Q: What sort of training do you offer?
A: All our training is motivational with the use of toys or treats.

Q: What do I need to do to enrol?
A: Have a look at the training page and then ring Dave on 0178 578 0096 to discuss your requirements. Come and have a look at our training methods to make sure you are happy with your choice, then print an application form from the website and send it with a cheque to BDT, 1 Brook End, Haughton, Stafford. ST18 9HW. (Some may wish to pay cash)

Q: What do I need for my class?
A: You, your dog, collar and lead (preferably a leather or fabric one as metal ones can hurt your hands. Extender leads not advisable in class. You will also need a favourite toy and some treats. It is preferable NOT to feed your dog immediately before training to get the best results as we use food as motivation. Please bring your current vaccination to week 1. According to the “Control of Dogs Order 1992”, your dog should wear a collar with your surname, address and postcode inscribed on it, or on a disc or plate attached to it (a contact telephone number is optional but recommended).  A microchip or tattoo is not sufficient!  Benefit Dog Training do not recommend advertising the name of your dog within this information.  To successfully complete your course you should make sure that your dog’s ID complies with this law. Please note: dogs without the correct ID will be deemed “not ready” when undertaking Kennel Club Good Citizen assessments, British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers or Benefit assessments. This is not a Benefit, British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers or Kennel Club rule; it is a requirement by law. If preferred, you can obtain a tag from Finlex, our in house shop when you start your training.

Q: Can I stop my puppy jumping up / biting?
A: This will be taught as part of the Puppy Foundation class and can be covered at other levels if necessary. Advice on toilet training, exercise, food etc will also be given.

Q: What qualifications can my dog and I work towards?
A: The Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme is a national award. The Puppy Foundation is a continual assessment by the Instructor over the 6 week course (you must attend 4 out of the 6 weeks and complete all the exercises laid down by the Kennel Club). The Bronze, Silver and Gold awards are one off assessments carried out by Kennel Club Approved Examiners when handler and dog are deemed ready by Benefit Instructors. Basic Skills assessments are also carried out by these examiners. British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers assessments are carried out by registered members of the Institute and are also one off assessments. Levels include Bronze, Silver and Gold, these are national awards. Basic training will enable you to participate in other activities i.e. Rally, Agility, Flyball etc

Q: What if my dog is the worst in the class?
A: Don’t worry individual guidance and support is given.

Q: What if my dog barks?
A: Don’t worry individual guidance and support is given.

Q: What happens if I am not sure if I have heard the correct information in class or if I have to miss a week?
A: Homework sheets are available for the puppy class, but if you are unsure about any of the exercises in any of the classes, call Dave on 0178 578 0096 or e-mail for support on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. For Bronze Silver & Gold levels, handlers are given the appropriate guidance sheet at the beginning of the course.

Q: Can my child / teenager help train my dog?
A: Benefit has Young Kennel Club status and encourages young people. Those under 16 years of age will need to be accompanied by a responsible adult but are able to do the training themselves. All the family is welcome to our training sessions.

Q: What other canine activities do you offer?
A: Rally and Competition Obedience. There is also the chance to take part in the many demonstrations we do at fairs, carnivals, schools and canine activity days.

Q: Do you have a Privacy Policy?
A: We do have a full privacy policy, covering all current UK and EU laws; the contents of which can be found here.


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